Özyaşar Wire and Galvanizing Ind. Inc. were founded by our honarary president Ahmet Çokyaşar in 1973. Özyaşar is an industrial company that currently serves many sectors, such as energy, infrastructure, cable, automotive, construction, agriculture and environmental safety systems sector, with a widev alue added product range that include wires and wire products, particularly hot dip galvanized wires. Headquarter of Özyaşar is located on Basın Ekspres Road which is 9 kilometers away from Atatürk Airport. The production facilities were constructed in Değirmenköy, Silivri. Total surface is 75.000 squaere meters with 35.000 square-meters indoor area.

Özyaşar Wire and Galvanizing, the leading company in its own sector, has more than 200 thousand tons annual production capacity with approximately 400 employees and 5 giant(colossal) wire galvanizing facilities. The cooperation is also one of the most prominent industrial enterprises that have made their way to the list of top 1.000 exporters and these condindustrial firms in Turkey with 80 million USD annual turn over.

Özyaşar has been exporting the products more than 50 countries in all over the World, especially to Europe, Middle East and South America, North America and.

Operating with the experience and expertise brought on by more than 65 years in trade and manufacturing of industrial products, Özyaşar maintains its mission for the sector with awereness of responsibility, also it has undertaken for adding value to its customers and to Turkish economy.

Özyaşar Wire and Galvanizing Ind. Inc. has proven its devotion to its customers, quality, employees and environment through OHSAS, 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001,TSE EN 10244-2, TSE EN 10223-6, and TSE EN 10223-7 certifications.

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The İzmit Steel Wire Industry Limited Company, founded in 1996, changed owners in 2008 and was restructured under the trade name Çokyaşar Rope, Machinery, Wire Production and Galvanization Incorporated, after which it took a course of progress and became the organization it is today.

Çokyaşar Rope Machinery, Wire Production and Galvanization Inc. is a Turkish industrial company that performs production at world standards and operates in the field of manufacturing wires, rope and wire products for the iron and steel sector, the main driving force of industrialization and economic development.

Çokyaşar Rope Company manufactures semi-finished products such as steel rope, spring wires and wet wires. The products of Çokyaşar Rope are used with trust in many fields, ranging from elevators, cranes and the fishing sector, as well as the mining and automotive industries. Çokyaşar  Rope has proven itself with its superior product and service quality.

The company owns a total of 24 rope machines. The production capacity of these is 250 tons/month. The diameter range of the rope that are manufactured with these varies between 0,75 and 26,00 mm. There are also 6 dry wire drawing machines in the facility. The production capacity of these is 1200 tons/month. The diameter range of the cables that are manufactured with these varies between 0,75 and 14,00 mm.

The Çokyaşar Rope factory has a storage capacity of approximately 1000 tons. The warehouse of the factory has suitable storage and safekeeping conditions (in relation to humidity, air currents, etc.).

By virtue of a wide range of production means, Çokyaşar Rope products are manufactured according to specific customer demands and expectations. Çokyaşar Rope, which operates with an experienced and dynamic team as well as distribution partners that are leaders in their field, guarantees product quality, suitable packaging, timely delivery and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

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Özyaşar Metals, which started its operations after being established under Çokyaşar Group in 2004, is one of the most reputable companies that carry out trade in the metals sector in Turkey with particular focus on metals such as zinc, iron and steel.

The company, which continues on its path with the endeavor to maintain its status as a reliable firm, is one of the important trade organizations that operates in national and international target markets in the sectors or iron, steel and mining while keeping customer satisfaction at maximum level with top quality products and services.

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Operating with 170 employees within 10.000 sqm closed area; Demsaş Metal A.Ş. was established in 1984 as a company within Çokyaşar Şirketler Grubu, one of the most well-established organizations in Turkey. Our company, producing aluminum profiles and contributing to the country’s economy by exporting its products to 33 countries, has accomplished to become one of the rare fully integrated aluminum factories in this sector, since its establishment.

Demsaş Metal, one of the leading companies in the aluminum sector, designs and produces profiles that will be used in various sectors. Leading many innovations in the production of aluminum profiles required by the market and used in many sectors, Demsaş Metal will continue to renovate itself according to international quality standards and in an environment-friendly and innovative manner supplemented by 32 years of experience.

By means of following the latest technological developments; carrying out all kinds of production processes, from drawing to extrusion die design, from production of profiles to finishing works, and meeting the requirements of its customers with affordable prices and short lead times have always been one of our basic policies since the establishment.

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The company was founded in 2006 to produce aluminum billets, the primary raw material input of the aluminum profile industry. It is established in Hadımköy-Istanbul on a total surface area of 8.000 m², of which 3.800 m² are indoors.

In order to provide customers with the top quality products they deserve, the company has achieved a production capacity of 3500 tons/month with the American “Wagstaff AirSlip Hot Top Billet Casting System”, the most modern casting system in the world.

As per the demands of extrusion companies, Alfa Metals Aluminum manufactures aluminum billets of diameters varying between 90 mm and 178 mm and, once again depending on the demands of customers, high quality aluminum ingots at international standards.

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Intermix manufactures steel wires and polyethylene fibers for concrete reinforcement with a new and innovative quality approach and in production facilities equipped with the latest technology. The company has adopted the aim of improving itself each day and achieving growth in the sector. The areas of use for our products consist of a wide range that includes airports, industrial floors, ports, shipyards, concrete roads, as well as all types of flooring elements that bear heavy loads, tunnels and cold storage houses. Our primary goal is to become a company that has influence throughout the world as one of the leaders of its sector without any compromise on quality and customer satisfaction within the upcoming 10 years.

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